Tag: <b>

<b> Syntax

Syntax Diagram for <b>
Opening Tag Content Closing Tag
<b> text </b>

<b> Description

The <b>. . . </b> tags cause text that occurs between them to be displayed in a boldface style. Font styles are cumulative; that is, a section of italic within a section of bold (or vice versa) will cause text that is inside both affected regions to be bold italic, as you would expect. The only exception to this is table cells: invoking boldface type before a table will not cause the text within the table cells to be bold; these must be set individually.

<b> Examples

This markup: Here is some <b>bold, and <i>some bold-italic</i>, some <tt>bold typewriter-font, and even some <i>bold italic typewriter-font</i></tt></b> text. . . .causes the following to be displayed:
Here is some bold, some bold-italic, some bold typewriter-font, and even some bold italic typewriter-font text.

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