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<form> Syntax

Syntax Diagram for <form>
Opening Tag Content Closing
Open Parameter = Value Close
<form action = "url" > form text </form>
method = method
enctype = encryption
script = url
target = target

<form> Description

The form, contained between <form> and </form> tags, is where the user can input data and have it operated on by the computer.
The "url" specifies the CGI (Common Gateway Interface) script that is to process the input the user supplies
Specifies method of interfacing with the host computer. The method "get" sends a URL build from the arguments, and "post" sends the arguments to the URL.
Specifies the type of encryption to be applied to the information before transmitting it.
Specifies the client-side script to process the form's input.
Specifies the frame that is to receive the output returned from the script that processed the form's input.
Note that forms are often put into tables to align the prompt and the input fields; this makes the page much more visually pleasing.

See also <input>, <select>, and <textarea>.

<form> Examples

This markup: <form method=post action=""> Please enter your first name: <input name=FirstName type=text size=20><br> <input type=submit value="Click Me"> </form> . . .causes the following to be displayed:
Please enter your first name:

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