Tag: <s>

<s> Syntax

Syntax Diagram for <s>
Opening Tag Content Closing Tag
<s> text </s>
<strike> text </strike>

<s> Description

The <s>. . . </s> tags (which accomplish exactly the same thing as the older <strike>. . . <strike> tags) that occurs between them to be "stricken;" that is, displayed with a horizontal line through it, effectively crossing it out. This feature is useful in situations where a document has been revised, and you want the old wording and the new wording to be present, but with no ambiguity as to which is the old and which is the new.

<s> Example

This markup: Here is some <s>stricken</s> text.<br> Here is some <strike>stricken</strike> text. . . .causes the following to be displayed:
Here is some stricken text.
Here is some stricken text.

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