Tag: <script>

<script> Syntax

Syntax Diagram for <script>
Opening Tag Content Closing
Open Parameter = Value Close
<script language = language > script </script>
src = "url"

Syntax Diagram for <noscript>
Opening Tag Content Closing Tag
<noscript> text </noscript>

<script> Description

The script of a document, contained between <script> and </script> tags, is where a script a document may have resides.
Specifies the language in which the script is written (and therefore the interpreter that the browser uses to process it). Must be "JavaScript", "ActiveX" or "VisualBasic".
The "url" specifies the document from which to get the script (if it is not in the current document).
The <noscript>. . . </noscript> tags define the text that appears in browsers that do not support scripting (comparable to the <noframes> tag).

<script> Examples

Here is the example script that resides on this page (do a "View Source" to see for yourself). The "<noscript>" section notifies people who are browsing a JavaScript-enabled page with a browser that does not support scripting, that they will not be able to take advantage of the page's features: <html> <head> <script language=JavaScript> <!-- confirm("Welcome to the world of JavaScript!"); // --> </script> <noscript> This page requires a browser that can run JavaScript. Sorry! </noscript> </head> ...
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