Tag: <tt>

<tt> Syntax

Syntax Diagram for <tt>
Opening Tag Content Closing Tag
<tt> text </tt>

<tt> Description

The <tt>. . . </tt> tags cause text that occurs between them to be displayed in a monospaced typewriterish font (the name "<tt>" comes from the historical artifact that the first "marriage" between typewriters and computers was in the TeleType machine). Font styles are cumulative; that is, a section of bold within a section of typewriter-font (or vice versa) will cause text that is inside both affected regions to be bold typewriter font, as you would expect. The only exception to this is table cells: invoking typewriter font before a table will not cause the text within the table cells to be typewriter-font; these must be set individually.

<tt> Example

This markup: Here is some <tt>typewriter-font</tt> text, <tt><b>some bold typewriter-font</b></tt> text, <tt><i>some italic typewriter-font</i></tt> text, and even some <tt><b><i>bold italic typewriter-font text</i></b></tt>. . . .causes the following to be displayed:
Here is some typewriter-font text, some bold typewriter-font text, some italic typewriter-font text, and even some bold italic typewriter-font text.

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