Denise Praizler

Like Steve Kauder and Rosemary Kramer, Denise Praizler took VSI when HP offered it in late 1992. Denise was in our Technical Marketing area, and the charateristic that I remember most about her was her tenacity: when she was tracking down a bug in a computer graphics program, she was just doggedly determined to exterminate it. Her favorite hobby, shared by her husband, was to go sailing and sailboarding on Columbia Gorge in Oregon.

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Farewell to Denise Praizler
Copyright 1993 David Arns

So, they offer VSI. . . VSI!
Paying rather handsomely
   for us to say good-bye!
You were thinking, thinking, thinking
   of the pros and of the cons,
Cups of coffee, you were drinking,
   Bloodshot eyes, awake, were blinking
   As the nights turned into dawns.
Then you knew! Knew! Knew!
   what you would have to do.
And your eyes, they were a-shining
   As the papers you were signing
   With your pen, pen, pen, pen,
      pen, pen, pen.
As the papers you were signing
   with your pen.

Then the paperwork was signed;
   really signed!
You turned it in with trepidation,
   questions still in mind.
You've been working, working, working
   fourteen years, and maybe more,
For your job, you were not shirking,
   You just knew a bug was lurking
   When your program dumped its core.
So you'd look, look, look
   in many a graphics book;
To resolve the errant coding
   that would keep your jobs exploding
   when they ran, ran, ran, ran,
      ran, ran, ran.
That would keep your jobs exploding
   when they ran.

Hear the calling, far away, far away,
The calling to another station--
   Go without delay!
Folks are leaving, leaving, leaving
   from HP and from their friends;
Heavy sighs they all are heaving,
   Left behind, their friends are grieving,
   As each colleague's tenure ends.
Now they're free, free, free
   to pursue the dreams they see;
Ah, we see your time affording
   many days of sailboarding
   on the Gorge, Gorge, Gorge, Gorge,
      Gorge, Gorge, Gorge;
Days of sailboarding on Columbia Gorge.

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