Tag: <nobr>

<nobr> Syntax

Syntax Diagram for <nobr>
Opening Tag Content Closing Tag
<nobr> text </nobr>


<nobr> Description

The <nobr>. . . </nobr> prevents linebreaks from being put into a line that would otherwise be put in to allow for normal text wrapping (hence its name, from "no break"). Be careful with this tag though, because very long, unbroken lines can look pretty silly.

"<wbr>" stands for "word break," and it is useful only within a <nobr>. . . </nobr> section. It does not force a break (like <br> does), but it allows a break to occur, if needed, in an otherwise non-breaking string of text.

<nobr> Examples

In the following examples, adjust the window/frame width to see that the no-break sections indeed remain unbroken, regardless of window/frame width. This markup: I sent a letter to <nobr>Mr. Schmoe</nobr> on <nobr>July 1.</nobr> Won't he be <nobr>surprised. . .</nobr> . . .causes the following to be displayed:
I sent a letter to Mr. Schmoe on July 1. Won't he be surprised. . .
This markup (note the spaces before the <wbr> tags): <nobr>Right here is some text <wbr>that will only be broken if necessary, <wbr>and then only in specified locations.</nobr> . . .causes the following to be displayed (adjust the width of the window or frame and notice where the breaks appear):
Right here is some text that will only be broken if necessary, and then only in specified locations.

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