Tag: <textarea>

<textarea> Syntax

Syntax Diagram for <textarea>
Opening Tag Content Closing
Open Parameter = Value Close
<textarea name = "name" > default
value of
text area
rows = n
wrap = off
virtual IE
physical IE

<textarea> Description

The <textarea> input element of a <form> is a multi-line area into which you can type.
Specifies the name of the field, so the handling script can associate the field name and its value.
rows, cols
Specify the size, expressed in character cells, of the visible portion of the text area. This is not a logical size, but just an apparent size--text will automatically scroll out of and back into the visible area as the cursor moves.
Specifies if and how word-wrapping should take place. There are three possible values: Hard returns--those typed in by the user--are retained in all cases.
See also the <form> tag, as well as <input> and <select>.

<textarea> Examples

This markup: <form method="POST" action=""> Tell me about yourself: <textarea name="LifeStory" rows=15 cols=40 wrap=off>(Type your life story here.)</textarea><br> <input value=" Reset Field " type=reset> <input type=submit name=SubmitBtn value=" Submit Form "> </form> . . .causes these results (replace the default text in the textarea fields below with some long lines of text to see the differences between the various wrap values):
Tell me about yourself:
. . .or these results (when wrap=soft):
Tell me about yourself:
. . .or these results (when wrap=hard):
Tell me about yourself:

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