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Is your organization's information instantly accessible to people all across the country, the world? It can be--through the web--making your information, products, and/or services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with multiple pages of full-color, dynamic, interactive, easily updatable information.

But Will It Work?

It certainly looks that way. You can hardly look in a magazine or a newspaper, watch a TV show, or go to a movie anymore without seeing the ubiquitous "" mentioned many times in the advertising.

It has come to the point where unless a business has a website, it is difficult to take that business seriously. The lack of website causes a serious hit to a company's credibility.

But is it worth it to have a website? Take a look at the state of the web: with the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on websites worldwide, it quickly becomes obvious that people wouldn't continue to invest that kind of money in internet communication if there wasn't a good ROI.

Talk to Arns Publishing and Design and find out the myriad ways a web presence can benefit your customers and increase your business.

APD Can Make It Happen

Arns Publishing and Design offers businesses the service of putting information about their products or services on the World-Wide Web. The senior web design at APD has been building websites since the early '90s--back in the days the the web was in its infancy, and the number of websites worldwide was just a few hundred! APD will take care of creating and maintaining your website, hosting it on our webservers, and revising and enhancing the site whenever you like. Some of the services we offer are: Whether you have the content all ready, and just need someone to do the "techy" work, whether you want us to design and create the content for you from scratch, or whether you already have a website that needs a facelift, or just the normal maintenance and updates, Arns Publishing and Design can make it happen, and at very competitive prices. Give us a call today!

See the Web section of the Portfolio page for a sampling of web projects we've done.

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